Ready On The Line - Current Class Offerings

k9 fitness package

$250 - 4 60-minute sessions

$475 - 8 60-minute sessions

Ready to give K9 Fitness a try for your performance or family dog?  The basic K9 Fitness package includes four 60-minute private lessons (one per week), an initial assessment of your dog’s fitness levels, development of a fitness plan for your dog, and instruction on safe and accurate use of the equipment to perform fitness exercises.  All lessons will include a written recap of what was covered in the lesson, recommended exercises, and support for questions.  This package is ideal for dogs of all fitness levels from age 6 months and up.

Private Lesson

$75 - 1 60-minute session

Want to learn more about K9 Fitness equipment but aren’t ready to commit to a full lesson package?  Working on your home exercises but are stuck on progression?  Not sure if your dog’s form is correct or having trouble teaching a new cue?  Want to bring your partner in to learn how to do fitness exercises with your dog?  Bring your dog and your questions to this session, where we will work together to ensure you are on the right track for success!  This 60-minute private lesson is tailored to the needs of you and your dog, including demonstration of exercises, and will include a written recap and equipment recommendations.

Special Sessions

$40 - 1 30 minute session

$115 - 3 30-minute sessions

Are you interested in getting your dog ready to work on a treadmill for indoor exercise in the rainy season?  Have you bought a treadmill but are unsure how to get your dog to work on it?  

Have a puppy that’s between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months of age?  Or is your older dog slowing down, showing signs of lost muscle mass, but has been cleared by your vet from having any serious issues?

Special sessions are shorter blocks of time designed to work with dogs that are not suited for full hour sessions, or for the purpose of introducing a dog to a treadmill safely.  All special sessions will include a short written recap, suggestion of new skills to work on, and support for questions.

online sessions

$140/month - Once per week review

$250/month - Twice per week review

Interested in working on canine fitness, but not in the greater Seattle area?  Have you taken some online classes but need some help to get your routine going or to mix it up a bit?  My online sessions are designed to work with you from a distance, using video review, email discussions, and phone calls as necessary to ensure you and your dog have a great fitness experience at home.  All online sessions include detailed video review, return video examples of exercises as needed, written skill development and exercise plans, and support for questions.  Clients interested in this option should have some experience in canine fitness and dog training.

Not confident about your abilities to work your dog successfully?  Unable to find space or budget for the equipment you want to use?  Have physical limitations that make training difficult?  Not sure if you are performing the exercises correctly?  Bring your dog to me for their training sessions and observe what they can do!  Sessions may be set up 2-3x per week to cover recommended training sessions, or once per week as an addition to home-based sessions.  All lessons will include a written recap, recommended exercises if home work is being performed, and support for questions.  For current students only.

exercise your dog

$40 - 1 30-minute session

$150 - 4 30-minute sessions

notice to all students

K9 fitness training is not a substitute for veterinarian or rehabilitation care.  If your dog is recently injured, has been through surgery, or shows signs of pain during their initial assessment, all fitness work will stop and you will be referred to your family veterinarian for care and clearance to resume fitness training.

Classes may be shared amongst dogs from the same family with prior arrangement.  Two dogs may share a single 60-minute session, or a package deal may be split with different dogs using each session in the package.  Contact Joy for more information on how to work with your whole canine family in an affordable manner!